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Publications are an important medium for the development of knowledge and civilisation exhorted by the nation. Through the establishment of the Documentation and Publication Unit, the Department of Museum Malaysia can collect and disseminate the nation’s historical, cultural and natural heritage to the people in general and the global community of readers specifically, which is consistent with the department’s objectives, vision and mission.

Scope of Publications

DMM publications encompass conventional and electronic publications with quality designs and contents to meet the needs of readers as well as to ensure that the titles published benefit readers and enhance their knowledge about the nation’s heritage, thereby building a strong personal identity.

Therefore, the department needs to identify the target readers for all its publications according to category of writings such as academic, semi-academic and popular. These will be published in different forms such as books (covering fields such as the country’s history, socio-culture or natural environment), booklets, proceedings and journals, bibliographies, indexes and catalogues or audio-visuals (CDs or VCDs).

For further information and queries about the department’s publications, please contact:-

Puan Rozlinah bt. Ismail


Documentation and Publication Unit Department of Museum Malaysia Jalan Damansara 50566 Kuala Lumpur Telephone: +603 - 2267 1000 ext. 233/280/249 Fax: +603 - 2282 1275


Last update: 24 April 2024 - 10:33am

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