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Conservation Centre

The Conservation Centre of the Department of Museums is responsible for ensuring that the department’s collections are in good condition and preserved. This objective is realised through research and conservation of artefacts.

Functions of the Conservation Centre

  1. To conduct analysis, research, treatment and preservation of the museum collections for the purposes of exhibition, storage, education and documentation
  2. To carry out works to prevent damage and to repair artefacts
  3. To monitor the temperature control system, humidity, lighting and pests in the collection stores and museum galleries
  4. To provide training and advisory services on conservation to staff and relevant agencies

Conservation Activities

Organic Materials

Organic materials are carbon-based materials from plants and animals. They are easily deteriorated and damaged by pests. Examples of organic materials are cane, bamboo, wood, wool and leather.

Inorganic Materials

Inorganic materials are mixtures of minerals and are not formed from natural living organisms. Examples of inorganic materials are metal and rocks.

Preventive Conservation

Action taken to prevent the natural deterioration of an object owing to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, lighting and pests such as insects, fungi and air pollution.

Curative Conservation

Curative conservation is action taken to treat an object that is deteriorating. It is aimed at halting the deterioration process.


Treatment procedure that is undertaken with the aim of restoring cultural artefacts to their natural state by using materials similar to their original materials.

For any queries and further information, please contact:

  1. En. Muhamad Faiz bin Azizan faiz@jmm.gov.my Curator
  2. Puan Hamidah bt. Mohd Tahir hamidahmt@jmm.gov.my Assistant Curator

Telephone and Fax

Tel : +603 – 2267 1000 ext. 237/ 200/ 293

Fax : +603 – 2282 7294

Last update: 10 June 2024 - 5:20pm

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