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Research is one of the core services for the Department of Museums Malaysia (JMM), which play an important role toward achieving the objectives of JMM to preserve, maintain and disseminate knowledge about our heritage. Research conducted in JMM are historical research, culture, nature, exhibitions and collection. There are 3 types of research conducted in the JMM: research conducted by JMM’s staff; research carried out in collaboration with external parties and research conducted by outside parties for the JMM.

The Division of Research serves to strengthen and expand the research documentation and publication of the Department of Museum Malaysia in disseminating knowledge in the field of exhibitions, collections, history, culture and natural history.

There are 3 main unit under the Division of Research :-

  1. Research Unit serves to formulate, plan, prepare, develop, coordinate and evaluate research conducted in JMM; coordinate all JMM research activities in accordance with a systematic and quality research and coordinate and monitor inside and outside researchers.
  2. Publications  Unit is responsible for coordinating all matters pertaining to JMM’s general and special publication, including research papers and articles written by JMM’s staff and external parties in order to ensure that all publication is in accordance with the policies and guidelines set by JMM.
  3. Documentation Unit serves to collect, organize, manage, store and synchronize data/information, evidence or materials using various methods and tools for reference, record and publications, reports, etc.

For inquiries and further information, please contact :-

Cik Darniza bt Daut darniza@jmm.gov.my Director

Puan Intan Masayu Binti Abdullah intan.masayu@jmm.gov.my Curator

Division of Research and Documentation

Department of Museums Malaysia

Tel: +603-2267 1000 ext. 233/280/344

Fax: +603-2267 1060


Oversea Research Application:

For overseas research application, approval must be obtained from Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Ministry of Economy. Please visit https://www.ekonomi.gov.my/en/resources/guidelines-and-procedures/undertaking-research-malaysia for further information

research applications will be done online through Museums Research Application System (MUSRA)

Last update: 24 April 2024 - 10:33am

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