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Exhibition is the core of the Department of Museums Malaysia. Exhibition is classified into Permanent Exhibition, Temporary Exhibition, Special Exhibition and Mobile Exhibition (outreach in history, culture, heritage and the natural history). Museum Services Division is a key driving force in shaping or implementing an exhibition.

Exhibition and Expansion Division

Museum Services Division acts in providing expert advice and consultation to state museums, government and private agencies and higher learning institutions in museum management, establishment and exhibition as well as planning and implementing services such as the department’s new museums exhibitions and renovation and upgrading works.

Functions of Exhibition and Expansion Division

  1. Providing advice and expertise to external agencies and other museums in museums related fields (establishment of museums, exhibitions, display of artifacts and other related matters).
  2. Planning and revising exhibition design and assist in executing its implementation in the galleries.
  3. Implementing outreach programs through exhibitions and development (R & D) to the museum as a whole.
  4. Monitoring and setting of standards categories for museums under the department and other museums.

For inquiries and further information, please contact:

Puan Masni Binti Adeni



Telephone and Fax

Tel : +603 – 2267 1000 ext. 340/111/330 Fax :+603–2284 6908


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