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Clients Charter

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You are here

We promise to give efficient, quality and friendly services in our duties as follows:

To have exhibitions that will create an awareness and educate the general public about the history, culture and the natural environment of the country through:

  • Permanent exhibitions
  • Special exhibitions with a minimum of 8 exhibitions a year
  • External exhibitions with a minimum of 20 exhibitions a year

Strengthen the management of collections through established policies:

  • Decisions on the acquisition of the collections will be completed within 6 months from the date of receiving the offer form
  • Requests for the loan of collections to be answered within 7 days

Be ready to provide expert services on museology whenever required by institutions and individuals 

Respond to clients complaints in a timely, efficient and polite manner within the following times:

  • Acknowledgement within 3 working days
  • Quick response within 3 working days

Requests for guided tours by:

  • Letter – to be replied within 5 working days
  • Email - to be replied within 5 working days

Requests for purchases of photographs will be supplied within 4 working days

Last update: 12 April 2021 - 2:17pm

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