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Chimney Historical Complex

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Chimney Information Center’s building is located on the historical site of the Chimney Historical Complex in Tanjung Kubong, known during the British occupational period as Cool Point. It functions as a site museum which will exhibit and inform of the history of Tanjung Kubong, especially the history of coal mining which began in 1847 through 1911. Located nearby is the Chimney tower which is of no less importance in the history of the nation.

Collections and Galleries

In all, seven galleries have been created in the Chimney Information Center, including a discovery room. Also displayed is the history of worldwide coal-mining, the scatter of coal mine locations all ove Malaysia, process and methods of coal mining, mineral strata and coal specimens. There is also a gallery related to the Chimney tower which is thought of as mysteriuos by the locals as its real function is still unknown to this day. The history and conservational works on this tower is also displayed.

The Chimney tower is a rectangular structure 32 meters in height and wholly built from raw red bricks. This tower is well over a century old and is one of the leftovers of mining coal mining activities in Labuan. It is a historical symbol of pride to the people of Labuan because of its uniqueness and strong foundation, not to mention its as yet unsolved mystery.

Visiting Hours

Opens daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Entrance Fees


Contact Person

Miss Sitti Rabia Abd. Rahman - Director
Mrs. Alice Jipius - Head of Chimney Historical Complex


Jalan Lubok Temiang, Tanjung Kubong, 87008 Labuan
Tel : +6087 463 603
Fax : +6087 414 462

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Other Facilities

Car Park and tour bus within complex vicinity.

Location Map

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