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(THE STAR) Day Out at The Museum (11/07/20) Read
(THE STAR) Journey of Rediscovery (15/06/20) Read
(NewStraitsTimes) Museum Gearing Up for Wave of Visitors (10/06/20) Read
(BERITA HARIAN) Legasi Negara Kota di Alam Melayu (17/02/20) Read
(THE STAR) Travel & Culture (02/02/20) Read
(HARIAN METRO) Beri Nyawa 1,000 Artifak (25/01/20) Read
(BERITA HARIAN) Tanjak Perjelas Status Pemakai (16/01/20) Read
(BERITA HARIAN) Lestari Semula Pemakaian Tanjak (02/01/20) Read
(THE STAR) A Legacy In Textile (10/12/19) Read
(BERITA HARIAN) Sejarah Kedah Tua Dalam Sastera India (07/12/19) Read


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