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Locomotive Conservation Project

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This class ‘T’ locomotive is one of the 5 small tank engines built by W.G. Baganall Limited of England in 1927. The locomotive has ‘Plate Frame’ and horse wagon. It is the first British made engine with four combustions made of steel (Steel Fireboxes) and was the earliest to be brought in for the Federated Malay Statse Railway in 1929. This locomotives was previously been used for port and was based in Singapore and Port Swettenham (Port Klang) until 1964. It’s net weight is 31 tonnes with ½ fuel and 7580 gallon of water.


This collection is one of the open air exhibits and is always expose to nature such as rain and sunshine that will make it prone to damage. Therefore, observation and conservation need to be done. This project is a continuous effort to the canon conservation in Kota Kayang Museum, Perlis and the conservations of R.S.F Walker’s statue in Perak Museum, Taiping.


  1. To train and expose Department of Museum Malaysia’s staffs in carrying conservation work with an organized and scheduled worksheet from start to finish.
  2. To ensure that national heritage and collection especially Museum’s collection are always in good condition for future generation.


Week 1

* Dimension Measuring

- Measured the whole locomotive

- Preparation of operation site

- Preparation of tent, canvas wall

- Scaffolding, water hose, working equipments

* Dimension Measuring

* Determind damages

- Level of damage & type of damage

Week 2

- Paint peeling process

- Cleaning of surface

Week 3

* Proses kimpalan

Week 4

- Anti-rust process

- Painting and final touches

Project Committee Members

Y. Brs. En. Ibrahim bin Ismail

Tuan Hj. Zawawi bin Hj. Itam Osman

Project Head
En. Zamrul Amri bin Zakaria

Cik Suriati bt Sulong
Cik Hjh. Hamidah bt Kusnan

Media Resources Unit


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