What is the definition of a museum?

The word ‘museum’ is derived from the term ‘muse’, which originated from ‘Muses’, the nine daughters of Zeus. According to Greek mythology, they were the patronesses of culture, religion, education, arts, tragedy and astronomy. Based on this mythology, there emerged the term ‘museion’ which in Greek means ‘seat of the muses’. In Malaysia, a museum is a general educational institution which disseminates information on history, culture and the natural world. Activities carried out by museums in this country are part of efforts to help the country build and strengthen the identity of its people as well as serving as tourist attractions.


What is the total number of photographs recorded at the DMM Media Resource Unit?

An estimated 92,171 photographs


What is the uniqueness of the Sungai Lembing Museum in Pahang?

It is a museum which collects and exhibits collections of mining equipment that was used in the deepest underground tin mine in the world.


What are the types of calls frequently received from the public on DMM?

The most frequent types of calls received by DMM operators concern current exhibitions and determination of the origins of ancient artefacts.


What is the procedure to arrange for a guided tour of the museums and galleries of the Department of Museums?

Interested parties may contact the museum/gallery that they wish to visit and inform it of the need for a guided tour together with the date, time and number of participants.


Does the Department of Museums accept contributions of personal artefacts for display at its museums/galleries?

Yes. The department accepts contributions of artefacts from the public/organisations. Please contact the Registration Division on matters related to the contribution of artefacts.


How do I apply for a job at the Department of Museums?

Vacancies for the positions of assistant curator (S27) and above will be advertised in the local newspapers and recruitment will be handled by the Public Service Commission, while recruitment for the positions of museum assistant (S17) and below will be handled by the Director-General. Each vacancy will be advertised in either the local newspapers or circular letters that are issued from time to time.


Do you know which is the deepest underground tin mine in the world?

The Myah Mines at Sungai Lembing, Pahang is the deepest underground tin mine in the world. It measures 1400 feet deep and the tunnel is 500 metres. There are 14 levels of shafts and each level is separated by 100 feet.


How many museums are there in Malaysia?

An estimated 150 museums


How are the museums in Malaysia classified?

The museums in Malaysia are classified as:

  1. Federal Museum
  2. State Museum
  3. Institution/Department Museum
  4. Private Museum
  5. Personal Museum


What is conservation?

An action, whether directly or indirectly, to extend the life of an element or a group of elements that are new or damaged, stable or unstable so that the message to be conveyed about heritage can be exhibited to the public.