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The Exhibition Of Frogs And Toads (Ongoing)

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The Exhibition Of Frogs And Toads


From 22 April 2013
MUZIUM ALAM SEMULA JADI, Precint 15, Putrajaya
Frogs and toads are animals that belong to the group of amphibians animals (land and water) and cold-blooded vertebrates. The animal is often described as an ugly animal, disgusting and ridiculous. The reality of frogs and toads is a unique and interesting animals with various assorted appearance, patterns, colors, and play an important role in natural ecosystems. Frogs and toads species diversity is high in the tropics which hot and humid throughout the year.
Frogs and toads is increasingly threatened with extinction due to natural disasters and climate change. Thus, this exhibition will display some knowledge and disseminate information relating to this special amphibians. Living specimens of frogs and toads, frog skeleton specimen preservative and exhibited beside general description of features, morphological, family, life cycle, technique survival (survival), diet, role in the ecosystem and conservation efforts.
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Muzium Alam Semula Jadi, Precint 15, Putrajaya

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