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Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum


The Natural History Museum in Presint 15, Putrajaya was established as one of the governments initiatives in collecting, documenting as well as to exhibit the Malaysia's naturals heritage such as the plants, animals, rocks, minerals and fossil, some of which are the country's invaluable treasures. The Natural History Museum will act as a resource for informal science education and is dedicated to expand the public's knowledge and be beneficial to the people of Malaysia, as well as our respected tourist from all over the world. The museum is home to a variety of specimens comprising of extinct and endangered species of the flora and fauna, as well as those which are still in existence, in order to serve one of its objectives that is to preserve the naturals heritage of Malaysia. Previously known as the Division of Natural History, The Natural History Museum was created as the research arm for the Department of Museums Malaysia in researching the areas of flora and fauna. Nevertheless, the genesis of the specimens of flora and fauna predates our country's independence, and can be dated back to the year 1901 whereby it was initiated by the British officers who served in Malaya at that time whom realized that the collections are of vital importance to the country's naturals heritage. These can be evidenced by the many specimens with the earliest records, dated back to 1901 and are now in the custody of the Department of Museums Malaysia.


  1. To collect, to research and to exhibit the country's heritage of flora, fauna and geological specimens as well as to disseminate the knowledge to the Malaysian public and the world, in protecting the natural treasures of this country.
  2. To establish The Natural History Museum as a point of reference as well as the resource center for Malaysia's naturals heritage, particularly for the endangered and extinct species of the flora and fauna.
  3. To document the collection of flora, fauna and the geological specimens as a reference for the scientist/researchers and future generations.
  4. To promote the naturals treasure and heritage of this country as a tourism asset.


“We inspire to become Malaysia's Centre Of Excellence for Research and Reference of Biodiversity and Geodiversity “


  1. Excellent interpretation of nature through research, exhibitions and education
  2. Knowledge Dissemination of the naturals heritage of Malaysia
  3. Inculcate the love and appreciation of Malaysia's naturals heritage and its wealth.

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Jalan Diplomatik, Presint 15, Putrajaya.
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